Sunday, 5 July 2015

Tour de France 2015 : Top Event of the Year and Prize Money

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Tour de France 2015 : top event of the year :- This is the event on which several bicycle riders are going to participate and make a history again. They are going to paddle through the country side and make a huge records as well. This year tour de france is going to be more famous and wide all over the world. This is the new year tour de france 2015 event.
This year tour de france will be begins from Netherlands. And it is 6th time when the tour de france begun from this country. This is the record of the country for this achievement and the better opening of the tour de france championship.This year the some of rules are changed by the authority and they made some other rules for the better riding of the riders. Hence they will be informed to the participants as the 4 July comes near. The prize money of the tour de france is as

For Overall Standings€450,000€200,000
For Stage Winners€8000€4000
For Green Jersey€25,000€15,000
King of the Mountains€25,000€15,000

This is all about the tour de france and cash prize money. Tour de france will be begins by the 4 July, 2015. So lets wait for it.
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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

When is the Tour de france 2015 | Date | Schedule | Stages | Route

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The Tour de France will start this 4th July and end on July 25th, 2015. This event is made up of 21 stages covering the total of 3,360 kilometers.
Image Credits: letour.,com

Route of Tour de France:  The route of Tour de France contain 21 stages explained as follow:
·         9 Flat Stages are in the route.
·         3 Hilly Stages will make this competition tough.
·         7 Mountain Stages which include 5 summit finishes.
·         2 time trial (One for individual and Other for team).
·         2 Rest day are added to this tour.
New Stage Cities:
·         Utrecht: It will be the starting city of the stages 1 and stage 2.
·         Zelande: This city will become the finish line of the stage 2.
·         Livarot: It will be the starting city of the stage 7.
·         La Pierre- Saint-Martin: It will be the finish line of the stage 13.
·         Muret: I will be the starting line for the stage 13.
·         Serves- Grand Paris Seine Ouest: It will be the starting line of the stage 21.
Stages and route Information:
Start date
Starting Location
Ending Location
Distance to Tavel
Stage 1
Individual Time Travel
July 04, 2015
Utrecht (ITT)
13.8 km
Stage 2
On - line
July 05, 2015
166 km
Stage 3
On - line
July 06, 2015
159.5 km
Stage 4
On - line
July 07, 2015
223.5 km
Stage 5
On - line
July 08, 2015
Amiens Metropole
189.5 km
Stage 6
On - line
July 09, 2015
Le Harve
191.5 km
Stage 7
On - line
July 10, 2015
190.5 km
Stage 8
On – line
July 11, 2015
Mur de Bretagne
181.5 km
Stage 9
Team Time Trial
July 12, 2015
Plumelec (TTT)
28 km
Rest Day at Pau
Stage 10
July 13, 2015
Stage 11
July 14, 2015
La Pierre-Saint-Martin
167 km
Stage 12
July 15, 2015
Cauterets Vallee de- Saint-Savin
188 km
Stage 13
July 16, 2015
Plateau de Beille
195 km
Stage 14
July 17, 2015
198.5 km
Stage 15
July 18, 2015
178.5 km
Stage 16
July 19, 2015
183 km
Rest Day at Gap
Stage 17
July 20, 2015
201 km
Stage 18
July 21, 2015

Stage 19
July 22, 2015
161 km
Stage 20
July 23, 2015
186.5 km
Stage 21
July 24, 2015
La Toussuire - Les Sybelles
138 km
Stage 22
July 25, 2015
Modane Valfrejus
Alpe d'Huez
110.5 km
Stage 23
On - Line
July 26, 2015
Sevres - Grand Paris Seine Ouest
Paris Champs-Elysees
109.5 km

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A guide to misunderstood sport : Tour de France

Posted by neeraj kumar
National Broadcasting Company spent their 3 weeks of time every year in July for the Cycling Sport event called as Tour De France. Americans did not like this sport and they say what is so interesting in Tour de France that you can watch bike riders for three weeks?

Those who don’t watch this event they don’t even know yet what are they missing. But those who have watched this event before, even once a time, they will not miss it. On this July 4th the madness of this event will be back. Here are the reasons to watch this event:

·         More than one competitions at a time:  Most of the other sport events just have one winner or one winning team. But this Tour De France event is a series of championships. In one day, there are more than 4 competitions and winners.
Most basic competition among these is winner of Stage Scheme. There are 21 stages to be completed in 23 days. Every individuals have to cover 100 miles average a day.
·          It’s a team Event: This is a team event but the winner will be announced individually. Got Confused ?  Yes, you read it absolutely right. There are 22 teams, each of them have 9 players.
Each of the team members have to support one another for the bigger cause. This could be a stage or a Jersey. These team’s does not support countries flag but work under a banner or sponsorship. Ex: BMC racing team,  Garmin Sharp and Trek factory racing.
·         Total Mind and Strategy Game: Some of the stages are long, some of these stages are on hilly area, some of these are on mountains and some of these are on flat areas. This means its not only about who pedals fast, it’s all about the strategy.

You can think of stages like a chess board, everybody will try to manage it according to their needs and advantages.
·         Different Day - Different Stage - Different Location: This tour is not all about 22 teams, more than 200 player and lots of prizes to win. There will be 9 flat stages, 3 hilly areas and 2 time trials.

The riders have to face the different terrain, different environmental conditions and different location each day. This is not an easy cycling event.
·         Sportsmanship: The short term racers admit that they make use of drugs to enhance their performance. But there is no pill that can enhance the power of a player for 2000 miles. This helps in simple and drug free event.

·         Broadcast Support: The broadcast support is provided by NDB Sports. They just not broadcast it, they also replays the Tour for the whole day.
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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

When is Tour de france 2015 | About us

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Tour de france is the 102 edition of the Tour de france 2015.  Basically it is the game in which so many guys suppose to ride the bicycle. They cycle around the country side and make a huge route by this. They make the spirit of the cycling and represent the passion of the france. They express the health of the france and also represents them the ways to get healthy.

When is Tour de france

This year, Tour de france 2015 is scheduled to start from the  Utrecht, Netherlands held on the 4 july 2015 and this is the eighteenth race of the entire season.  And this may be the sixth time when the  the tour de france is getting start from the Netherland and it’s a great pride for the Netherlands. May this year the tour de france also make a huge record and entertain us with lot of fun and ambition.
tour de france live streaming

The rules of the the tour de france has been changed also. There are some new rules in the game and they are told to the player who want to take participate in this year at the tour de france. Hence they have to make a special impact to win the race.
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